• Two friends, one dream

    The AnnaVictoria Chicago brand emanates simplicity, femininity and elegance.   
    Established in Chicago in 2020 by Anna Vrabie and Victoria Cretu, the company began its journey into the fascinating universe of fashion as one of the luxury houses in design, quality and creativity. The story behind the brand started after a long and trustful friendship. Anna never liked simple things. Back in 2013 she was looking to get a custom-made dress with a unique design and sophisticated cut. She reached out to Victoria who was already known for her skills in designing breathtaking bespoke pieces but little did she know what the future holds for both of them. Anna’s perseverance and love for special occasions garments  led Victoria into a world of beautiful fabrics, daring cuts, delicate laces and sensual details. After years of experiences she realized there is more than a usual customer relationship. The passion for clothing design and their common vision and talent, has led Victoria and Anna to launch their first dress collection. An elegant, daring, fresh, sophisticated and chic clothing line. When it comes to tailoring, Victoria is a humble perfectionist, committed to making complex and intriguing tailoring twists. On the other side, Anna never stops working on a piece until she feels that all the details are in perfect harmony.  Being inspired by Coco Chanel, the ambition and indisputable attention to details, transformed Anna and Victoria’s dream into a luxury lifestyle brand with a feminine and unique approach. In a very chaotic world of fashion, AnnaVictoria Chicago brings classic, timeless, but sophisticated designs as a statement style for women who want to differentiate themselves.